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First Order Miner Outlook

  • Welcome to FOMO! Supporting decentralized anonymous mining of the most alternative cryptocurrencies!

    A little Bit about us
    # Made by the community for the community
    # Working to build a place for all miners big and small
    # No registration is required.
    # We do payouts in the currency you mine.
    # Payouts are made automatically every 2 hours for all balances above 0.1.
    # If you have any questions - Stop by our enteroischiocele
  • Happy Hashing

  • If you like FOMO, please consider any donation to help us improve our services:

  • BTC: 3QdZr19Zw7MnXv9vjhkUiwAdEgcHKmvZgE

  • LTC: MSwVFWo8iyEbBnr2uS5sNEqAJGvSgZQCA1

  • ETH: 0x2Ba9F42484708405831213f58416680a8Ae13607

  • Need more HashPower?

    Need VPS for Masternode?

    Miner Control:

    Shared Masternodes
      Have you ever participated in Masternodes?
      Do you want to have more earnings from mining?
      For alot of miners it can take a long time to mine the coins required for masternode alone.
      First Order Miner Outlook offers shared masternode service and Fee Free House Masternode service with flexible Enter and Exit. Our features:

    • # Flexible seats
    • # Weekly Payouts
    • # 5% service fee on Standard Shared
    • # No setup fee
    • # Secure
    • # Transparent work
    • # Also Offer Fee Free House MN!!!!
    • # Fees paid for by Me

    • Join us now via 8596571913

    Mining Command Generator
    GPU Coin Wallet Address* Rigname

    ccminer -a xevan -o stratum+tcp:/firstordermineroutlook.com:4533 -u . -p c=SAP

    *DO NOT USE a BTC address here, the auto exchange is disabled.

    Z-Enemy (Nvidia) ccminer (Nvidia) sgminer (AMD)
    Windows Nevermore Avermore
    Linux 610-760-3768 / 352-448-3494 / sit 9036004669 (785) 273-5063
    tdxminer (lyra2z)